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For a garden to reach its’ full natural and vibrant potential, the chemistry needs to be right. If you sit and listen to gardeners around a meal table or whilst they are mulching their latest pride of a vegetable patch, you will hear the discussions on the symptoms, chemical test results and of course the most powerful information – the health of the actual plant or vegetable. This is then followed by a conversation on which mineral or nutrient needs to be boosted to give the nourishing result they know is possible. Using natural ways holds great appeal for many people.

Same for us – Terrie is interested in working with individuals who know within themselves that something is possibly ‘out of balance’. Not sick enough for a clinical diagnosis, yet knows that their physical capabilities feel under par.

With background qualifications of Exercise Physiology and Education, Terrie now works as an Exercise Scientist interested in giving people the opportunity to check their current status against a Health Model. How close are you maintaining a healthful status for a flourishing experience in life ?

Energy drives our human capacities physically. Checking how you are going here can reveal some eye opening data that is then used to coach an individual using foods (and if necessary nutritional supplements) to find that flourishing feeling.

Using this Health Model approach takes the guessing out and, listening to the ‘body’s conversation’ via the biochemistry, often times shows the link between your own innate intuition for yourself. It fast tracks the physical result.

Please Note: Terrie is not a Medical Practitioner and does not diagnose nor treat disease states.

Terrie offers the opportunity for people to be truly proactive and preventative for their health.

Client email after 1st Coaching Session ~
"thanks for today, it was very interesting and did
explain a lot of things and a relief in a way
knowing whats' what."

Healthy Human Performance is about experiencing your individual and naturally available physical capability - whether you wish to gain it back, or to experience it for the first time in your life.



“Reaching a state of ‘flourishing’ capacity is both an art and a science. And definitely from my experience - exciting.” Terrie Sanders.

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If you are a person who:

  • Is interested in a ‘flourishing’ existence
  • Is excited about uncovering and learning information previously unknown to you
  • Is open to a team approach - as Terrie often will draw upon specialist input and research to uncover more information than is generally available
  • Has a sense that there is more to learn than they currently understand
  • Has a sense that our capacity to recover is greater than we first might think
  • Has a sense, that given the right circumstance their capacity to ‘flourish’ is possible.

Then you might just enjoy coaching along with Terrie.

"To Live is a Special Gift, to Live in Fullness is Pure Joy."

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